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The interstate transportation of goods remains the major means of moving commerce throughout the United States.  Cargo Theft continues to be a major concern to trucking companies and a major loss to businesses in the multi-billion dollar range every year. In 2008, New Jersey was listed as one of the top ten states with the highest incident in reported cargo theft.  Studies show that the trucks are most vulnerable to theft when the truck drivers are not present.  When trucks are parked unoccupied in truck stops, vacant yards, locations between the site of loading and the destination site, they are subject to organized criminal groups waiting to attack.

Many times, company drivers are failing to comply with company policies by leaving the cargo unsecured, or if driving in teams, failing to maintain one driver with the cargo while the other eats, or by failing to comply with identified routes of travel.

Positive Resources LLC, can provide:

Your company with physical surveillance of the cargo and driver to verify compliance of company policies and regulations either at initial load sites or along the routes of travel.
  • Investigation of thefts and loss
  • Employment background investigation of potential driver’s
  • Investigation of employee theft
Background Checks
Locate person’s searches
Personal Injury/Accident
Insurance Fraud
Sentencing Mitigation Specialist
Alcohol and Drug Evaluations
Private Alternative Sentencing/Punishing Plans
Character Reference Investigations
Restorative Justice
Plea Negotiating Consulting
Victim Liaison Consulting
Therapeutic Services
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